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Rafer Johnson Junior High School Olympians!


        Rafer Johnson Junior High School staff and students live by the motto, “Be the Best You Can Be”. In 1993, the current junior high was built and named after one of Kingsburg’s hometown heroes, Mr. Rafer Johnson. A product of Kingsburg’s community spirit, Mr. Johnson exemplifies the values our teachers try to instill in our population of 7th and 8th grade students.

Junior High can be best described as a time of growth, change, EXPLORATION, AND simply a period of transition. One thing that will be stable at Rafer Johnson will be teaching and learning. Teaching and learning will be the uncompromising, essential, and unyielding foundation on which all other school components will be built.

        In an effort to "Create Student Success", RJJH will establish high academic, personal, and behavioral expectations for ALL student. Our goal is to establish an environment of respect, and a reputation for extra-curricular, athletic, and academic excellence as a result of reinforcing strong worth ethics coupled with self-awareness, self-discipline, and self-respect.

        The Staff of Rafer Johnson Junior High is committed to active, reflective, and creative learning. We believe learning is maximized when it takes place in an environment enriched with support, encouragement and assistance. We celebrate the pursuit of lifelong learning and are committed to nurturing high self-esteem and respect for others. We believe that everyone can learn, become better thinkers and independent learners. An integral part of our learning process will have our school community learning how to ask questions, solve problems and make thoughtful decisions.We are committed to setting the precedence for teaching and learning. Our charge is to meet the needs of students ages eleven through fourteen by providing a challenging curriculum and establishing high student expectations.  We encourage the qualities of honesty, respect, responsibility, and empowering students to acquire habits of effectiveness and distinction that will propel into their future.


        The goal of Rafer Johnson Junior High is to prepare our students for high school, college and their future by providing a safe environment that nurtures their intellectual, physical, social and moral capacities as individuals so they can contribute to their community and nation. We are proud to be Olympians and strive to “Be the best we can be!”


        On behalf of the entire faculty and staff at Rafer Johnson, we want to welcome you to a new school year. You are an important part of the success of the Rafer team. We hope that your experience and two years at RJJH will be challenging, rewarding and engaging.

  1300 Stroud Avenue

  Kingsburg, CA 93631

PHONE (559) 897-1091

   FAX (559) 897-6867

Laura North, Principal

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School Spirit ShirtsRafer_Johnson_Junior_High-Rafer_Spirit_Wear.htmlhttp://www.kingsburg-elem.k12.ca.us/rjjh/pdf/Rafer_Johnson_Jr_High_Bell_Schedules_2009-10.pdfshapeimage_7_link_0
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Staff Email Listhttp://www.kingsburg-elem.k12.ca.us/RJJH_2011/New_Rafer/Rafer_Johnson_Staff_Email.html

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Lunch Menushttp://www.kingsburg-elem.k12.ca.us/lunch/lunch.htmlhttp://www.kingsburg-elem.k12.ca.us/rjjh/pdf/Rafer_Johnson_Jr_High_Bell_Schedules_2009-10.pdfshapeimage_11_link_0
Visitor Participation Policyhttp://www.kingsburg-elem.k12.ca.us/rjjh/Rafer_Johnson_Junior_High_Visitor%27s_Participation_Policy.htmlhttp://www.kingsburg-elem.k12.ca.us/rjjh/pdf/Rafer_Johnson_Jr_High_Bell_Schedules_2009-10.pdfshapeimage_12_link_0
RJJH’s Single Plan For 
  Student Achievementhttp://www.kingsburg-elem.k12.ca.us/rjjh/pdf/RJJH_Single_Plan_for_Student_Achievement.pdfhttp://www.kingsburg-elem.k12.ca.us/rjjh/pdf/RJJH_Single_Plan_for_Student_Achievement.pdfhttp://www.kingsburg-elem.k12.ca.us/rjjh/pdf/RJJH_Single_Plan_for_Student_Achievement.pdfshapeimage_13_link_0shapeimage_13_link_1

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                                 Rafer Johnson

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Athletics Informationhttp://www.kingsburg-elem.k12.ca.us/RJJH_2011/New_Rafer/Rafer_Johnson_Athletic_Information.htmlhttp://www.kingsburg-elem.k12.ca.us/rjjh/New_Rafer/Rafer_Johnson_Fall_Athletic_Schedule.htmlshapeimage_14_link_0

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Homework Hotline by Harvey Mudd College is absolutely free for Rafer Johnson Jr. High students.  Any questions, please refer to the website.

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7th Grade TDAP Immunization

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RJJH Band Pagehttp://www.kingsburg-elem.k12.ca.us/Teacher_Pages/Kingsburg_Elementary_Bands/Rafer_Band_Page.htmlhttp://www.kingsburg-elem.k12.ca.us/rjjh/pdf/Rafer_Johnson_Jr_High_Bell_Schedules_2009-10.pdfshapeimage_16_link_0

“Go For The Gold! The Person That Makes The Biggest Difference On This Team Is YOU!”

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English Language Learners Infohttp://www.kingsburg-elem.k12.ca.us/RJJH_2011/New_Rafer/RJJH_English_Language_Learners.htmlhttp://www.kingsburg-elem.k12.ca.us/RJJH_2011/New_Rafer/RJJH_English_Language_Learners.htmlshapeimage_17_link_0
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The 2014-15 School Year

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Student Calendarhttp://www.kingsburg-elem.k12.ca.us/rjjh/pdf/Student_Calendar.pdf
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SSC/ELAC Meetingshttp://www.kingsburg-elem.k12.ca.us/RJJH_2011/New_Rafer/RJJH_English_Language_Learners.htmlhttp://www.kingsburg-elem.k12.ca.us/rjjh/New_Rafer/Rafer_Johnson_Fall_Athletic_Schedule.htmlshapeimage_26_link_0