Rafer Johnson Junior High School
Visitor’s Participation Policy

Rafer Johnson Junior High School has the following policies regarding the participation of students, and other community members that are not enrolled in Rafer Johnson Junior High School.

A. Community Service Activities:
   1. Extracurricular Events:
        a. During the school day:
i. Red Ribbon Week
ii. Epicenter
iii. Builder’s Club
iv. Portfolio Day
v. Safe Schools Ambassadors
vi. MESA

The activities listed above are specifically designed to support the achievement of RJJH students. Adults that participate in this endeavor have been cleared through the district office and granted permission by the administrative staff. They are welcome to support students in these activities; however, students from other schools are not allowed on campus to participate as a RJJH student.

B. Celebration of Outstanding Academic and Citizenship Achievement:
1. School Dances
2. Quarterly Reward Trips
3. End of the Year Trips
4. AVID Trip
5. CJSF Trip

These events are based on the qualifications of academic performance and citizenship set by the student handbook for RJJH students and can not apply to students visiting from other schools.

C. School Performance and Art Events:
1. Art Contests
2. Talent Shows
3. Yearly Drama Production
4. Choir and Band Performances

Due to restrictions in resources and the limited number of positions available for studentsnto participant in the events, the above mentioned performance activities are limited to RJJH students only.

D. Extracurricular Athletic Teams:

Participation is limited to RJJH students due to the following:
1. Qualifications for participation based on RJJH GPA requirements only.
2. Sequoia Athletic League standards and past practice have been
    to treat each school as an individual school.
3. Resource restrictions limit number of students participating and
    length of time each sport is played.

The Roosevelt/Rafer Wrestling team is part of the North Central Wrestling League.
Schools interested in joining the North Central Wrestling League should contact the
league directly for information.

Student Services such as counseling, special education, co-curricular county/district
sponsored events, ELD testing and support that is provided at multiple sites within the
Kingsburg Unified Charter School District are contracted and funded through each
specific site.

Parents and community members interested in services, extracurricular activities, and
other specialized events should contact the site principal of the school in which their child is enrolled.

The Rafer Staff is grateful for the support provided by Rafer parents and the Kingsburg
community. This support has enabled us to provide a rich experience that reaches
beyond the classroom.

Updated 9/1/2009